Legislation Tracker

We are committed to being open about our processes and doing our best to resolve student concerns. This page will serve as a central point for all information regarding the status of legislation during the academic year.

Current Legislation – Bill to work with University Facilities to relocate designated smoking areas on campus to better enforce the distance requirement of the University smoking policy. Assigned to UFSC. – Bill to work with Facilities┬áto install EagleOne Card readers for laundry services in South Hall. Assigned to UFSC.


Please note that bills follow the following format: Month and Day of introduction, committee number, and assigned number order. So for a bill proposed on September 19 in the Student Life Committee that was the first of the meeting, the numerical format would be

Committee Numbers
Academic Affairs (AAC): 1
Community Relations (CRC): 2
Diversity and Unity Coordinating (DUCC): 3
Elections and Appointments (EAC): 4
Ethics and Oversight (EOC): 5
Legislative Affairs (LAC): 6
Student Life (SLC): 7
University Facilities and Services (UFSC): 8
University Relations (URC): 9