Welcome to the SGA Executive Branch!

The goal and purpose of the SGA Executive Branch is to execute all of the legislative actions and affairs of the SGA, and put them into proper practice, as well as support the entire SGA in their endeavors. This includes social media engagement, fiscal responsibility, provision of student services and resources, and oversight of SGA activity.

Take a minute to explore our pages and learn about the members of the SGA Executive Branch! Below, you can find a table with some of the more current executive actions we are taking and what the status of those actions are!

Executive ActionDescriptionStatus
All-SGA Public Meeting The execution of an SGA meeting with all members present to discuss business and hear student concerns.Meeting to be held on February 6th @ 6 PM in Monroe 116
Digitization of SGA RecordsThe full digitization of SGA records dating back to the 1970s. This will create a transparent record available to students any time.Met with UMW Digital Collections, reviewing old meeting minutes and documents.
Partner MeetingsMeetings with various partners and stakeholders within the University.Met with University Dining on 2/1 on Dining Initiatives and
Student Resources Page A collection of student resources provided by various departments for easier student access.Drafting pages