Advisory Board

The SGA Advisory Board is made up of several organizations that advise the SGA President on legislation from Senate, what activities they are engaging in, and what students are thinking, saying, and doing.

These groups are not part of SGA, rather they offer valuable opinions and experience in helping the President make informed decisions on legislation and priorities for SGA.

Association of Residence Halls (ARH)
Tirzah Rao –

Campus Programming Board (CPB)
Emma Baumgardner –

Club Sports and Recreation  (CSR)
Carolyn Rouse –

Honor Council
Sarah Balenger –

Inter-Club Association (ICA)
Ben Masse –

Off-Campus Student Association (OSCA)
Katie Fairfax –

Representative for Inclusion & Civic Engagement (RICE)

Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC)

Student Conduct Review Board (SCRB)
Rachel Ayers –