Election Resources for Student Voters

How to Vote

Here at UMW, our voting process is completely virtual, meaning that you just have to open up an electronic device and visit UMW’s Presence page to vote! Voting closes on March 23rd at 11:59 PM. Click here to access the ballot.

Organizations Involved in Student Elections

There are currently 5 organizations involved in student elections:

Student Government Association: An organization that is charged with representing students to UMW administration, academic departments, and any other necessary bodies. The SGA promotes and advocates for student welfare, wants, and needs on campus, and acts as a liaison between UMW administration & the UMW Board of Visitors and the UMW student body when important issues have to be negotiated.

Honor Council: The University of Mary Washington Honor Council ensures the integrity of the University’s Honor System, and operates on the basis that members of the University community take responsibility for their own actions. The Honor Council provides education concerning the Honor System for all members of the University, that together we may develop a community in which honorable decision making prevails. Facilitation of student enforcement and understanding of the Honor System, as defined in the Honor Constitution, is a key function of the Council. As elected representatives of the student body, the University of Mary Washington Honor Council addresses student concerns regarding the Honor System, and serves the entire University community.

Student Conduct Review Board: Students at the University of Mary Washington are entitled to a community that is conducive to their safety, personal growth, and academic success. By providing expectations for responsible conduct, and by having a student conduct system that responds when community standards may have been violated, the University seeks to maintain a balance between the rights of individual community members and the rights of the community as a whole

Class Council: Class Council coordinates and maintains UMW traditions through large-scale events on campus. They plan important events, such as Devil-Goat Day, Spring Formal, and Grad Ball, and are essential to maintaining our important traditions continue to live on excitedly.

Finance Committee: The University of Mary Washington Finance Committee allocates a portion of the budgeted Comprehensive Fee through the Business and Finance Office and allocates these funds to various recognized student organizations.