We are constantly dedicated to making sure that students can be involved at any step of the legislative process or in our day-to-day operation. This means that all regular Advisory Board and Senate meetings are open to the public, meeting minutes are available online by the next day, and that SGA members hold daily walk-in office hours to hear student thoughts.

Privacy Policy


Our website is intended to serve as a tool to inform users about issues related to student government and the larger UMW community. You may be asked for your name, e-mail address and other personal information if you take part in surveys or fill out applications. Such information will never be shared outside of SGA and is not used for any purposes not stated.


All official communications through email addresses are archived and can be made public under appropriate request. At this time, we are restoring the email domains, so please be aware that your issue or comment may not be addressed in this transition period. Because of that, if you receive or send any emails from an SGA account, please note that senders/recipients, subject lines, and content are included, and your information in relation to an email may be part of archival and disclosure procedures.


We want students to feel comfortable talking to us about their concerns/ideas. Whatever details you share with us during office hours or at a meeting can be kept within SGA and can be withheld from the official minutes if it is deemed insensitive to make public.