Student Senate

Student Senate is the Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association. The Senate can legislate on any issue concerning students. All motions go through one of ten Senate Committees for initial consideration before it’s brought to the floor for a vote.:

  • Academic and Faculty Affairs
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Constitutional Order
  • Dining Advisory
  • Election Rules and Procedures
  • Ethics and Conduct
  • Legislative and Administrative Affairs
  • Publicity
  • Telecommunications
  • Environmental Sustainability

The Student Senate meets every Wednesday at 5:00p in the James Farmer Lecture Hall in Monroe Hall (Rm. 116) to discuss the issues that the student body asks to be dealt with. Senators are chosen at the beginning of each academic year throughout the residence halls and the student body at-large.

You are still able to join the Senate during the school year by collecting fifty signatures from fellow students. After you’ve gained enough signatures, show up to a Senate meeting and request to be admitted into the ranks of the Senate. It’s always a good idea to email the Senate President ahead of time to do this.

The SGA Vice President also serves as the President of Senate and its official spokesperson. The Vice President of Senate is elected at the beginning of each academic year from among the current senators. The Parliamentarian and Secretary are appointed as necessary by the President of Senate.

President of Senate: Theodosius Zotos

Vice-President: Lauren

Parliamentarian: TBD

Secretary: Jamie McGuire –

To learn more about Student Senate, email, or visit their website at