Office of the SGA President

Welcome to my page, friends! 

Joey Zeldin
SGA President

My name is Joey Zeldin, and I have the absolute pleasure to serve as your Student Government Association President for the 2022-2023 school year. I have enjoyed being a member of SGA for 2 years, and was even more excited to be elected by YOU, the student body, to serve as your Student Government President. I come into the office as a Political Science major with experience as an intern in the United States Senate, as well as experience in a variety of UMW departments and organizations, such as Orientation, Services Concierge at the UC, HCC, and Underground, and University Dining.

Since we’ve come out of the Pandemic, the SGA has been through a lot. From lost information to disorganization, we’ve had to rebuild our organization and our reputation. However, my administration has been committed to two important things: investments in students and transparency for students. We look to find ways to make sure that our campus, university experience, and resources continue to be centered around us, the student body. 

My door is always open to those who want to speak to me or want to look towards building partnerships with the SGA to better our school. I always tell my fellow members that the SGA is the premier student representative organization on this campus, and it’s the one that looks to make sure every student’s voice is heard and respected. I am excited to continue working for you, and I hope you will always have faith in me as your SGA President, as well as the most faith in the SGA as your representative organization to administration and any other university departments.

Drop by my Office Hours or schedule an appointment with me via my email!