About The Cabinet

The Executive Cabinet is the highest elected student body on campus, charged with representing the student body in all areas of joint concern between the students and the University administration. This includes serving as an advisory body to the President of the University and being the regulator of recognized student organizations.

Weekly, public meetings are held onĀ Mondays at 5:00p in the Capitol Room of the University Center. Attendees may be allowed to speak if cleared with the SGA President before the start of the meeting.

The Cabinet is made up of 16 members, 10 elected members with full voice and voting privileges, and 6 appointed members with full voice, but no voting privileges. Together, the Cabinet is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SGA, as well as delivering the motions from Senate to the applicable University personnel/department.

Interested in joining the Cabinet? Here’s a couple of ways:

Elected Positions:

These offices require you to be elected by the general student body towards the end of each spring semester. Look for more information around election season about the particulars, but they all require you to attend a campaign workshop and nomination session in order to run. Some also require you to have previously been a member of that organization for a certain amount of time. (marked by an *)

  • President
  • Vice President*
  • Student Conduct Review Board President*
  • Honor Council President*
  • Inter-Club Association President
  • Association of Residence Halls President
  • Commuter Student Association President
  • Diversity and Unity Coordinating Committee Chair
  • Academic Affairs Committee Chair
  • Legislative Action Committee Chair
Appointed Positions:

These offices are appointed by the SGA President and work to fulfill the vision of the SGA and President, while also maintaining a full voice on the Cabinet.

  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Community Outreach and Involvement
  • Executive Coordinator
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary